Live and breath for sports

I love sports as much as i love hello kitty. I have done many sports , some are slower pace mostly are adrealine sports. Love the feeling of getting a heart attack lol.

From last week wild ride in the wild hoods :

Muddy Wild Ride

It was absolutely muddy and tricky on that day as it was just after rain. I had a hard time balancing my atv. My girlfren got stuck in the mud couple of time. We ride about an hour to a chilling waterfall .

Sofea Jane waterfall

The waterfall water was chilling.

The going part back was tricky, the slope was almost like 90″ deg or perhaps 70″ deg. I end up flung off the ATV and almost injured myself. Luckly just minor injury some bruises .

badly damage arm

Maybe next time I should wear arm guard and full mask from my paintball to ride. lol.

Location : Kg. Kemensah, Melawati, KL.

Price : Priceless fun (RM 150)


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